About Ettienne Kleinhans

Ettienne Kleinhans Biography

Ettienne Kleinhans is a vibrant young contemporary gospel artist with a soothing sound that serves the mind, body and spirit. He was born on the 6th of October 1990, in the small town of Cradock in the Eastern Cape, South Africa and grew up in Christiana in the North West, South Africa.


As a child growing up, music was ever present in their home as both his parents and extended family came from a background of choral singing. In 1998 Ettienne first discovered his voice when he was 8 years during a Morning Prayer session at school in grade 2. However it wasn’t until later in his life that he decided to take singing as a career and not just as a talent.


Ettienne’s parents always encouraged them to pursue their dreams no matter how big or small. When he turned 16 in the year 2006 his father decided to buy him a Casio keyboard as a gift even though Ettienne never played a single note in his life before his persistent nature eventually paid off as he taught himself daily how to play.


In the year 2007 Ettienne’s life drastically changed, Ettienne’s father decided to quit his day job and focus on his calling which was to be a full time pastor. Bishop E.T. Kleinhans had been the head breadwinner of the family for as long as time and when he decided to quit his job the family had to sell their house the bank took their cars they lost possessions but Ettienne never lost his voice.


By now he was a more confident keyboard player and with all the comfort, he knew as a child lost, and more difficult circumstances, drove him to put pen to paper for the first time in 2007 and wrote his first song named “What a blessed day”.


In the 2009 after finishing school and although having good enough grades to get into university Ettienne started working as a gardener twice a week to assist his family financially. Later in the very same year he took a leap of faith and travelled to Pretoria to pursue more finances and ended up in a late registration line at the Tshwane University of Technology where he was accepted to study a National Diploma in Retail Business Management.


In March of 2010 he participated in the university’s first year student concert and claimed runner up on the evening singing an original song called “Set me free”. Later in the same year he also auditioned for the university’s stage play and made the final cast but opted not to pursue it instead he focused on music, church and youth activities.


It was during his second year in university 2011 when Ettienne wrote the song Still Standing. Ettienne played a very active role in his local church Christiana and when he moved to Pretoria most days he felt like an outcast as he had to adapt to a different style of leadership. His abilities was never acknowledged nor utilized and that completely paralyzed his confidence and broke him psychologically, completely depleting him to the point where he accepted he was nothing and could never amount to more than just a small town boy. The humiliation killed his spark and he figured the fight wasn’t even worth it because he had nowhere else to go. He was dependent on the church and he had to endure for his family’s sake. However he then took up arms through song and held on as he continued to pursue a resting place in music.


In 2013 Ettienne participated in a singing completion hosted by Shoprite where he won first prize at the regional competitions and was awarded with the most soulful performance later the very same year at the national finals.

From the year 2014 to 2016 Ettienne had been working on his craft penning more songs for his debut album. In 2017 he started the recording of his debut album due in June 2018.